The Best Makita Drills That The Brand Offers

With the vast number of drill models today, choosing the right drill can be an uphill task. Every model has its countless benefits and some cons. The list below will help a great deal if you want to pick the right drill for your drilling job.

Let’s look at the best Makita cordless drills.

1. Makita CX200RB

This might be the best drill in the list. It works perfectly on drilling, driving and fastening as well. The machine is light in weight, and thus can be handled with ease. The drill has an LED light, that’s usable while working in dark places. It has a power of 18 volts. This drill is a great deal for anyone.


Very light in weight
Applicable for many tasks
Boasts high performance
Has a fast-charging battery
Has a terrific drilling speed


Difficult to control at times due to its great drilling speed

2. Makita XFD061

Are you looking for a drill on a lower budget? Makita XFD061 is the budget pick. The drill is cost effective and offers a variety of quality features. It has a perfect design, and thus resistant to water and dust. The drill is light in weight and hence easy to handle. It has lights that light up the workspace. Its rubber grip offers a comfortable handling experience. Better still, the drill is powerful and not noisy.


Very powerful
Easy to handle and use
It’s water and dust resistant
Boasts a compact design


Its battery lasts for a short time
Has a plastic chuck

3. Makita XFD11ZB

Though this drill is a bit expensive, its features are out of this world. Its quality is upgraded. First, the machine is very light and therefore easy to carry and handle. It performs several tasks. Drilling and driving are some of the tasks, performed by Makita XFD11ZB perfectly. It has a rubber handle, for holding with ease. The drill also boasts a fast-charging battery.


Performs multiple tasks
Light in weight
Boats a fast charging and long-lasting battery


Quite expensive

4. Makita M0801B

Looking for a heavy-duty drill? Makita M0801B is a perfect choice. It has a high-power motor – 500 watts. It has a firm and comfortable handle that offers a good grip. It’s drilling speed is terrific. Other outstanding features of this drill is its reverse rotation and its ability to drill on concrete and other hard materials.


A perfect heavy-duty machine
Very powerful


Lacks a battery and thus requires a continuous and stable power supply to work.

5. Makita XFD11ZV

Looking for a small, light drill that’s easy to handle? This drill is for you. This drill works best on tasks done in limited space areas. Again, it’s a powerful machine, thus very efficient. A LED bulb on the drill helps illuminate the work space. The drill comes with a battery do avoid the stoppage of work due to power break down. The drill is a great one indeed.


Very light


Has a single battery thus power could be a problem at times
Poor design

While looking for a drill with distinctive features and good performance, settle for any of the above. You are assured of superb results and a wonderful experience as well.

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